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Product Description

Sumner 2010 Material Lift

The Sumner 2010 Material Lift  is a  heavy-duty, manually operated lift that is suitable for warehouse work and on-site tasks such as ducting and ventilation installation.

Just a few applications for the Sumner 2010 Material Lift:
• HVAC compressor Installation
• Loading and unloading equipment &
material from service vehicles
• Cabinet installation
• Lifting electrical trays
• Positioning pipe & ducts
• Installing air conditioners
• Handling machine parts & tooling
• Loading equipment in rental yards
• Hoisting small beams
• Positioning hospital TVs
• Hauling & lifting cement bags
• Installing appliances
• Removing electrical motors
• Installing light fixtures

~ Rolls through standard doorways & tail gates
~ Loading bar – great for overhead creanes
~ Reversible forks
~ Plunger pins for quick readjustment and compact storage
~ No tools needed – no loose parts
~ Large load cable
~ Locakable, 12.7 cm polyurethane casters
~ Load cable feeds inside mast (no more expsed cable just
inches away from the operator’s face.)
~ Mast hold-down secures mast for safe transport

Max. height 3.5 m
Lifting capacity 455 kg
Weight 85.5 kg
Stowed height 1.93 m
Stowed length 0.86 m
Height (in use) 1.93 m
Length (in use) 1.57 m
Base width 0.80 m
Width (with outriggers) 1.88 m
Ground clearance 0.064 m
Loading height (min.) 0.152 m
Max. height (fork down) 2.9 m
Max. height (fork up) 3.5 m

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