Drywall Sander

Dry Wall Sander


Drywall Sander

Eibenstock ELS225.1

9″ Long Reach

Long-reach, lightweight drywall sander with dust collection saves time & effort.


  • Sanding & smoothing walls & ceilings
  • Rubbing down drywall & tapered joints
  • Prepping back wall paints & emulsions
  • Sanding wooden floors & boards
  • Cleaning walls, floors & ceilings


VacuGlide-System – adjustable suction capacity and contact pressure for better guiding of the sander on the surface, adaptation of the removal rate;

Electronic – soft start, electronic overload protection;

Speed control – optimum adaptation of the speed to the surface;

Exchangeable flexible drive shaft;

Robust joint for optimum adaptation to inclination angle;

Spring-mounted exhaust hood with sealing lip – optimal adaptation to the surface;

Efficient dust extraction through the hood and perforated sanding disc;

Sealing lip exchangeable against brush rim for other sanding operations;

Extension for high ceilings and walls;

Lightweight, balanced and ergonomic design – easy to use, comfortable sanding, numerous grip positions;

Extraction over the brush ring and perforated sanding  disc, direct connection for industrial vacuum cleaner.

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