Lawn Aerator for hire

The Camon LA25 Lawn Aerator.
Lawn Aerator & Lawn Scarifier can be hired together at a reduced hire cost.

Why aerate your lawn?
There are 2 main reasons to aerate your lawn:

1. REMOVE SUB-SURFACE THATCH: If your lawn has lots of thatch (dead grass), it will starve the roots from essential water and nutrients.

2. RELIEVE COMPACTION: Coring your lawn will help with proper circulation of air, water and nutrients within the soil, all key to a healthy lawn.

Is the Camon LA25 easy to use?
After starting the engine, simply pull up the drive control lever to start the tines working before using another lever to drop the tines into the ground. Simple!

And our fantastic team will always give a socially distant demonstration prior to hire.

Best to use on soft ground.