Lawn Scarifier

Lawn Aerator & Lawn Scarifier can be hired together at a reduced hire cost.

Why should I use a lawn scarifier?

A lawn scarifier is designed to cut through the soil, helping to remove dead moss & other debris like grass cuttings. If dead grass cuttings & moss are allowed to sit on the lawn’s surface they can prevent rain water from draining deep under the ground.  Then, much of the water & moisture will sit on top making your lawn soggy and looking very sorry for itself. Excess moisture can also encourage more moss growth, making the problem even worse.

To prepare your lawn:
1. Remove any debris from the lawn and apply a moss killer, rake out the dead moss in advance of scarifying;

2. Mow the lawn on a low setting;

3. Scarify the lawn on a high setting;

4. Apply top soil and grass seed to finish.

Your grass will be looking as good as new in a week or so.

For demo video:

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