Lawn Scarifier

A Lawn Scarifier is used to remove excessive amounts of thatch from a lawn. Lawn Scarification is an important part of lawn care and maintenance. Scarification is necessary when thatch in the lawn becomes excessive and begins to damage the grass.
Scarifying is done using a mechanical Lawn Scarifier which have adjustable rotating steel blades to cut the thatch out without destroying the healthy grass.
The benefits of lawn scarification include:
• Removes harmful levels of thatch
• Prunes grass roots encouraging growth
• Allows water to reach the soil
• Allows air to reach the sod
• Allows nutrients to reach the grass plants
• Removes moss and dead weeds
• Reduces the likelihood of future moss problems
• Improves the health of your lawn
• Refreshes tired or poor quality lawns
• Good preparation for over-seeding

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