Features & Benefits

  • Quick Charge, Long Life Li-ion Battery – With an improved on/off battery system with new Li-ion fires up to 6,000 brads on a single charge (1 hour); 200 brads in just 2 minutes charge
  • Improved Weight and Balance – Light weight and well balanced trim tool allowing any user to manoeuvre into tight spaces and work all day long without fatigue.
  • Consistent Excellent Finishing – Thanks to an improved adjustable depth of drive system the tool allows the end user to produce seamless fixes without the extra time and cost of re-touching and re-finishing work
  • Quick Start Up and Better Safety – With no power cables or air hoses required, the Lithium trim tool improves efficiency and safety in all environments against pneumatics tools
  • No-Mar Tip – No-mar tip for accurate placement and reduced damage to wood

Technical Specification

Eurocode 013323
Weight: 2.1g
Dimensions: 301 x 288 x 90mm
Power: 30J
Brad Range: 16mm – 63mm
Cycle Rate: 2 – 3 brads / seconds
Maximum cycle rate:
1000 brads / hour
4000 brads / day
Capacity: 100 Brads (2 Strips)
Battery Li-ion (1.25Ah) up to 6,000 shots
Charger 230v: 1 hour max. charge
Fuel Cell Life: Approx. 1,000 shots