We have a range of cold water Petrol Power Washers to suit your needs.

We stock: 2,000 psi & 3,000 psi

Our petrol power washers are designed as a heavy-duty cleaning solution for concrete, paving and brick areas, as well as washing down walls, washing artificial lawns, driveways and gutters. Simply fill up a water bin and the pressure washer does the rest. The high-pressured water that the machine blasts out through the nozzle quickly and easily blasts away dirt, grime, dust, leaves and many other unwanted stains from concrete, brickwork, masonry, paving and many other materials.

Ideal for cleaning

  • Patios, paths and paving
  • Outdoor garden furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Garden walls
  • Yards and stables
  • Roofs and gutters

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Suitable for use with our patio cleaner.