Fitted as standard with a 50hp water-cooled diesel and 4 Disc-Blades. The 19-28 Arborist’s ability to drag in the most difficult material with minimal trimming gets the job done quicker and more cost effectively than any other. Furthermore the 19-28 Arborist’s slightly lower infeed hopper at 580mm (23inch) takes it into the H&SE’s B category requiring a ‘TOP & SIDE’ safety bar thus eliminating the need for the bottom bar.

Equipped with the latest state of the art combined No-Stress and engine controller, together with full road lighting and brakes, plus storage flap on the infeed chute, the Arborist 19-28 is a competitively priced, compact Wood Chipper for the true professional.

Arborist 19-28

Engine Make Isuzu Water Cooled
Engine Power 50hp Diesel
Chipping Flywheel 600mm x 25mm
Feed Roller Twin Hydraulic
Capacity 190mm x 280mm (7.5-inch x 11-inch)
Rotor Speed 1600rpm
Disc Cutters 4
Length (transport) 4000mm
Width 1360mm
Height (without chute) 2450mm (1540mm)
Weight 1300Kg
Power Control No Stress Electronic Feed Roller Control
Fuel Capacity 60 Litres
Infeed Chute Opening 1200mm x 840mm