Genie 2032 Scissors Lifts

Genie 2032 scissors lifts

Genie 2032 Scissors Lifts



Scissors Lifts

The Genie GS-2032 is a stable, reliable and easy to operate electric lift with a built-in platform extension.

Ideal for:

  1. Narrow or difficult spaces;
  2. Warehouse operations;
  3. Stocktaking;
  4. Mechanical/electrical installation;
  5. Painting / Decorating.

Top Tips:

  • Working height – 26 ft (8.1 m);
  • Compact width – 32 in (81 cm);
  •  Lift capacity – 800 lb (363 kg);
  • Roll out platform extension – 39 in (1 m);
  • AC outlet to platform;
  • Slip-resistant solid steel deck platform;
  • Heavy duty square steel guardrails;
  • Built-in lanyard attachment points;
  • Finally, non-marking tyres come as standard, so this machine can be driven on decorated finished flooring.

Scissors Lifts come with six monthly inspection Certificates conforming with the Safety, Health and Welfare at work (General Application) regulation 2007 SI 299 of 2007.

Please contact us on 0214915806 and we will get to know a little about your job and advise you on the best equipment to suit your needs at a competitive short or long term hire rate.


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