Scaffold Towers

Scaffold Towers – BoSS mobile aluminium towers are light-weight scaffold towers used throughout the building and construction industry for both indoor and outdoor access solutions where a stable and secure platform is required. Ideal for maintenance and installation work or short-term access, the highly versatile towers provide a strong working platform for a variety of heights.

We stock a range of 2m to 8m Scaffold Towers.

BOSS 1450 / 850 Ladderspan User Guide:

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  • Check that all components are on site, undamaged and that they are functioning correctly – (refer to Checklist and Quantity Schedules). Damaged or incorrect components shall not be used.
  • Make sure the ground on which the mobile access tower is to be erected and moved is capable of supporting the tower.
  • The safe working load is 275 kgs (606lbs), per platform level, uniformly distributed up to a maximum of 950kgs (2100lbs), per tower (including self weight).
  • Towers must always be climbed from the inside using the built in ladder during assembly and use.
  • It is recommended that towers should be tied to a solid structure when left unattended.
  • Adjustable legs should only be used for levelling.


  • The tower should only be moved by manual effort, and only
    from the base.
  • When moving the tower, beware of live electrical apparatus,
    particularly overhead, plus wires or moving parts of machinery.
  • No person or materials should be on the tower during
  • Caution should be exercised when wheeling a tower over
    rough, uneven or sloping ground, taking care to unlock and
    lock castors. If stabilisers are fitted, they should only be lifted
    a maximum of 25mm above the ground to clear ground
  • The overall height of the tower when being moved, should not
    exceed 2.5 times the minimum base dimensions, or 4 metres
    overall height.
  • Before use, check the tower is still correct and complete.
    After every movement of the tower use a spirit level to check
    that it is vertical and level and set the adjustable legs as
  • Do not move the tower in wind speeds over 7.7 metres per
    second (17mph)